Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer is coming to an end...

     Well, summer is almost over.  As sad as that can be, I also feel great knowing that I was able to make through a long and hard three months.  The hard part is, the more time that goes by, the more people think that you're okay now and suddenly don't need their help anymore.  And the more that that happens, the harder it can get.  Everyone thinks that you've just gotten over it now when you really haven't at all.
     Anyway, this morning was hard because I went somebody's funeral and it brought all the memories of my dad's funeral rushing back.  That was hard.  It's true, absolutely everything reminds me of my dad.  The outfits I wear, the songs i listen to, different places I go to, everything.  But still, things are definitely getting better.  I would absolutely hate to be back at the first few weeks after my dad died.  Those days were awful, with all the numbness I felt and everything else.
    So, I will write a longer post with more detail about this summer, but the computer I am using has a defective 'n' on it.  The little cap on top of it is broken off and it's driving me crazy, but anyway just wanted to update you guys!
     R.I.P. Daddy xoxo

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