Monday, June 28, 2010

The Day After the diagnosis

Because of ALS, I've really grown to appreciate the small things.  When Dad gets home, I go to meet him.  I say "I love you" even more then I used to.  I enjoy little moments like just sitting on the couch with Dad.  I love you, Dad.  I'm sorry if I've ever taken you for granted.  Of course I have sometimes, but so has everyone else.  I always appreciate everything you do for me now.  Don't worry Dad, God is going to heal you.  Too many people are praying for you for God not heal you.  We all need you.  I love you Dad!

Living in a Nightmare...My thoughts right after the diagnosis

When I heard the news, my heart stopped.  I felt frozen, unable to believe the nightmare about to become my life, yet realizing it was the truth.  As tears came, I still didn't believe it.  How could life go from perfect to a huge bad dream?  All the little things I cared about don't matter anymore.  How could I care about feeling left out when my dad might be taken away from me?  How could I cry over a pointless party when there are fatal diseases out there like ALS? God will heal my Dad.  Too many need him to survive.  I need my daddy.  I want him at my wedding to walk me down the aisle.  I just want to make sure he knows what a wonderful Dad he is and how much I need him and love him.  I love you Daddy.  God will not take you away from me.