Sunday, May 22, 2011

Almost done

The school year is almost over for me! Exams are this Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and then I am done with sophomore year!! Thank God.  So I have been studying literally all weekend.  Yesterday I studied for 4 hours and today I studied from 10 AM until now, so it's been a very long weekend.  But, it is also going to be really hard this coming weekend, because I have to say goodbye to almost all of my friends from my school. It's an hour away so I won't see them very much after this year.  I'm going to be homeschooled my junior year so that we have the freedom to grieve as a family this year and get through all the really hard times.  But I am really going to miss all my friends.  Going from seeing them every day at school to just texting them a couple times a week or talk to them on the phone will be very difficult.  Today, I was listening to a happy little upbeat song when I just started crying, wishing my life was so happy and upbeat like the song.  But, it's not.  I just want it to get better.  Of course, it will but right now it's been very difficult.  Everything is really setting in now and I am really missing and needing my daddy.  I wish he was still here.  Anyway, I need to get back to studying, but I love you all my readers! Keep strong through what you are all going through.  Together, we can all make it through this. R.i.p. Daddy 1/22/2011 ♥

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